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UK: Fixated but no Fixation as High Court finds Copyright does not subsist in Bitcoin File Format

thelens.slaughterandmay.com/post/102id4i/fixated-but-no-fixation-as-high-court-finds-copyright-does-not-subsist-in-bitcoin#page=1www.matheson.com/insights/detail/bitcoin-file-format-protected-by-copyright-or-notDecoding Bitcoin Ownership: “Real prospect” that copyright may subsist in Bitcoin file format (capitallaw.co.uk)Fixation with your BFF? Court of Appeal paves way for Bitcoin File Format copyright claim to proceed, Inder Dhaliwal (slaughterandmay.com)Bit by Bit: Copyright in the Bitcoin blockchain, Jeremy Russ (marks-clerk.com)UK Court of Appeal Reviews Fixation...
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