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Argentina: Central Bank amends Regulations to access the foreign exchange Market

Argentine Central Bank Amends Regulations to Access Foreign Exchange Market (marval.com)El Banco Central continúa adecuando las normas de exterior y cambios (marval.com)Argentine Central Bank Continues Updating Foreign Exchange Regulations (marval.com)Argentina: Communication “A” 7852 of the Argentine Central Bank – Adjustments to the exchange control regulations – Baker McKenzie...
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Argentina: AFIP introduces new extraordinary down Payment for Capital Gains Tax

La AFIP estableció un nuevo anticipo extraordinario del impuesto a las ganancias (marval.com)Argentine Tax Authority Establishes New Extraordinary Advance Payment on Account of Income Tax (marval.com)Marval Legal Voice: New Extraordinary Income Tax Advancewww.marval.com/publicacion/la-afip-establecio-un-nuevo-anticipo-extraordinario-del-impuesto-a-las-ganancias-15549&lang=enwww.ey.com/en_gl/tax-alerts/argentine-tax-authority-establishes-a-new-corporate-income-tax-pMarval Legal Voice: New Extraordinary Income Tax Advance 0
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Argentina: Central Bank prohibits that Payment Providers execute or facilitate Crypto Operations for their Clients

www.marval.com/publicacion/el-bcra-prohibe-a-los-psp-realizar-y-facilitar-a-sus-clientes-operaciones-con-criptoactivos-15478www.marval.com/publicacion/el-bcra-prohibe-a-los-psp-realizar-y-facilitar-a-sus-clientes-operaciones-con-criptoactivos-15478&lang=enEl BCRA prohíbe a los proveedores de servicios de pagos realizar y facilitar a sus clientes operaciones con criptoactivos (marval.com)Argentine Central Bank Bans Payment Service Providers from Carrying Out and Facilitating Crypto-Asset Transactions (marval.com) 0
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