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US: What Grayscale’s Court Victory might mean for spot Bitcoin ETFs

What Grayscale’s court victory might mean for spot bitcoin ETFs – Eversheds Sutherland (eversheds-sutherland.com)Spot Bitcoin ETFs – Coming to an Exchange Near You (Maybe)! – Global Investment Law Watchviewpoints.reedsmith.com/post/102iu5t/u-s-spot-bitcoin-etf-shifts-the-narrative-around-digital-assets#page=1 See also:viewpoints.reedsmith.com/post/102iu8c/bitcoin-for-the-masses#page=1 0
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Ireland: Progress on Implementation of the ELTIF 2.0 Offering

Walkers – Progress on implementation of the Irish ELTIF 2.0 offering (walkersglobal.com)Ireland getting “ELTIF-ready” (mccannfitzgerald.com)Central Bank will be ELTIF-Ready from January 2024 | LK Shields Update:Central Bank of Ireland Opens ELTIFs Consultation – Global Investment Law WatchWalkers – Central Bank publishes a consultation paper on ELTIF chapter for...
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